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About our school

The Basic School of Arts in Ostrov was founded in 1955, originally as a music school. 10 years later, its activities were extended by the fine arts, dance and literature and drama departments. At present, there are 780 children attending the school : 438 pupils of the music department, 161 pupils of the fine arts department, 108 pupils of the dance department and 73 pupils of the literature and drama department.

Besides its traditional internal concerts, the school holds many other public performances. These are aimed especially at basic school Health Resort Center quest pupils in Ostrov, but they are also help for children in the area or for spa guests from Jáchymov and Karlovy Vary. There are special performances for charity purposes and open-air concert in front of the schools. The department of fine arts makes price gifts for the Festival of Television and Film Production, organizes exhibitions and participates in competitions and festivals. The basic school of arts in Ostrov helps to ogranize regional festivals and competitions and also holds its own annual theatre festival with international participation. The teachers of the school lead seminars and work as jury members in many competitions. The total number of events organized by the school reaches up to 180 events annually. The school has established partnership with schools from Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland and England.

The music department of the Basic School of Arts in Ostrov has had a long tradition of more than 45 years. In the course of its existence it has won an excellent achievements. These include not only competitions, but most of all the preparation of young musicians who are now achieving very good results not only in various amateur ensembles, but some of them work as teachers at various schools including our school in Ostrov. Some of our graduates play in professional orchestras, the others continue to play in amateur ensembles ranging from wind instrument orchestras to dance music ensembles. The wind ensemble and the dance orchestra have been very successful for a long period of time. Unfortunately, they are now undergoing a crisis of participation caused by a generation gap and by the contemporary trend that favours small-sized groups and elektronic instruments, especially keyboards. However, there is a string orchestra at the school that has been doing very well despite the fact that string instruments do not currently rank among the most popular ones /they have won first place in the regional competition in 1997/. Many teachers work with pupils in small ensembles, trios, quartets atc., or in various experimental groups. The experimental ensemble PÍSK-PÍSK from the music department works closely with the literature and drama department, together with whom they have taken part in several international performances.

The literature and drama department offers a synthesizing kind of work. Its acitivities are based on dramatic play and improvisation, because these techniques stimulate and enhance imagination, creativity, cultivated movement, communication skills, courage to speak in public and ability to deal with various interpersonal situations, but they also promote speech and expression skills. Pupils may try out their mastery of these skills either in individual work on poetry reading or in the work of theatre groups HOP-HOP and "Na poslední chvíli" Both of these groups have been successful at festivals of children theatre in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. Within the past 10 years, the HOP-HOP theatre group has won the regional competition eight times and made its way to the National Festival of Children s Theatre in Ústí nad Orlicí. There it was chosen to represent children s theatre at the biggest theatre festival of Jiráskův Hronov as well as at other well-known festivals FEMAD - the most successful fairy-tales of the year. Šrámkův Písek, Jičín - the town of fairy-tales, poema Beroun and abroad Austria, Luxembourg, Italy, Schwitzerland, Hannover in EXPO 2000 and most recently England in 2001. The younger sibling of this ensemble „Na poslední chvíli", does not lag behind. During its short existence of only three years, it has made its way to the National Festival of Children s theatre with all its performances and even travelled to the German city Rastatt to perform there. Pupils specializing in solo performance also achieve many rewards at national festivals in poetry reading in Ústí nad Orlicí, at the Wolkerův Prostějov festival or at competitions among basic schools of arts. The most gifted pupils are being prepared for the study of acting, directing, dramaturgy or theatrology.

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