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11. Ostrovské soukání - 2017

mezinárodní festival dětí a mládeže

3.5. 2017 - 7.5. 2017 (3. May 2017 - 7. May 2017)


Soukani Ostrov 2017 – Escape

Event description

Soukani Ostrov is an international theatre festival for youth between ages 14 and 20. Eleventh anniversary festival carries the theme: Escape.

The theme “Escape” doesn’t have to be the main theme of applied performances, but some characters or some scenes should carry it.

Theatre groups can join the festival by filling and submitting the application form on the web site:


The participating of countries is still open (In previous annuals of the festival participated groups from Armenia, England, Italy, Colombia, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Switzerland, France, Israel, Spain, Lithuania, of course from Czech republic).

Region: CEC - Central European Committee

Country: Czech Republic

Location: Ostrov, region Karlovy Vary

Time: 3. 5. – 7. 5. 2017

Event details

Festival category: AITA/IATA Associate Festival with international participation

Performance type: Theatre suitable for an international audience

Age group of actors: youth groups in ages between 14 and 20 years

Amateur / Semi pro: Amateur

Performance duration: 30 – 50 minutes

Participants: The number of participants in each group is not limited; however, the organizer will only pay for the accommodation and full board for 12 actors + 3 adults per theatre company for the whole time of the festival and not longer.

The members of all the theatre groups will be able to join in professional seminars where they will have the opportunity to discuss their experiences, feelings and where they will get to know each other. Apart from watching performances, adults will think of methodology and techniques of teenager‘s theatre groups in professional discussion that will be led by a professional in children’s and teenager’s theatre.

Registration details

Registration deadline: 25. November 2016

How to register: The theatre group who wants to take part in “Soukani Ostrov 2017 – Escape” has to fill in the application form on a web site http://bit.ly/soukani17 and submit the filled form. The group also has to send a web link of a video record (Youtube, Vimeo, web sharing etc.) of a whole play and a web link of some printable photos from the play. The group can also send this record and photos on DVD. The group has to apply till 25th November 2016. All the theatre groups will be informed about their participation in four weeks after the deadline. The general information can be found in the end of the application form.

The main initiator of the festival is the ensemble HOP-HOP that has been a frequent participant of international festivals in many countries and its main organizer is civil association by the drama branch Minidiv and The Basic School of Art Ostrov:


Zakladni umelecka skola

Masarykova 717

363 01

Ostrov CZ


Contact persons:

Irena Konyvkova – e-mail; phone calls in czech and german

Jonas Konyvka – phone calls in english


Irena Konyvkova: +420 776 080 097

Jonas Konyvka: +420 728 242 611

E-mail: irena.konyvkova@seznam.cz

Website: https://www.zusostrov.cz/hophop

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