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 Zkoušky do konce června


22.6. zkouška všichni 14.15-17.00 - závěrečná hodina

29.6. zkouška Vilmy i s hudebníky na Švýcarsko 14.15 - 18.00


 23.7. Zkouška před Švýcarskem od 9 hod.

 24.7.-2.8. Švýcarsko festival - na účet MINIDIVu každý zaplatí Kč 4 000,-; každý individuálně sjedná pojištění na cestu, zkontrolovat platnost pasů


Dear Participants
We at the Children's and Youth Theatre Turgi look forward to getting to know you at the festival. In the meantime we would like to send you some information:
At the Festival, each group will have their own caregivers. Linked in this e-mail you will find a video, in which your caregivers will introduce themselves to you.
These caregivers will be responsible for picking you up at the airport or train station, they will welcome you at the festival and be your main contact person who will give you
all the information you will need and be there for you to answer questions of any kind.
On the first day, there will be an official opening ceremony, where every group will get 5-8 minutes to introduce themselves with a small performance.
Every morning at the festival, you will have the opportunity to participate in a workshop. Your caregivers will let you know where exactly these workshops will be taking place.
Afterwards we will all have lunch together at the ABB cantina in Turgi.
On each afternoon and evening respectively there will be a play in the multi-purpose gym hall in Turgi.
Dinner will be had individually in your accommodation.
In order to show you a small part of Switzerland, we will be going on an excursion on one of the days. On this trip you will be getting some small assignments.
If you own a polaroid camera or something similar, it would be nice if you could bring those for the trip.
The 1. of August is the national holiday of Switzerland. We will of course be celebrating this occasion with all of you. That way you will also experience an important Swiss tradition.
In order for you to also get to know some traditions and specialties of the other participating countries, we will be holding an "international marketplace", so feel free to
bring stuff like snacks or other small tokens that are typical of your country. You will be able to trade these things for some items that the other participants brought from their home countries.
Please bring your national flag for this occasion.
On one of the evenings, we will be hosting our "international disco", where you will be able to dance with the other participants. There will be a wishlist on Padlet where you can enter
songs you'd like to hear at the disco.
You guys might already want to get to know some of the participants from the other countries before the festival begins. To facilitate this, we will be providing 3 different exchange platforms
where the participants can meet online:
- a Padlet (digital bulletin board, where all participants can post small messages):
- an open relay chat, where you don't need to create an account to join:
- an Instagram group chat. All participants who use Instagram can contact us on our Instagram account (@kindertheaterfest) and they will be added to the group chat:
We can't wait to hear from you!
Greetings from your Children & Youth Theatre Turgi

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